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Kathy, Dave, and Eric's Flavored Coffee Company

Burundi Twaranyuzwe

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"Twaranyzuwe " Translates to we have understood... and we understand how important it is to keep bringing world class coffee, this to be a great refreshing light roast with subtle hints of lime and citrus on the finish.

The cooperative Twaranyuzwe was created in 2013 by smallholder coffee farmers in Kavumu, Burundi. Twaranyuzwe translates to “we have understood'. The cooperative selected this name to signify the importance and understanding of the future in coffee.

915 specialty coffee producers, 490 of which are coop members of Twaranyuzwe contributed to this lot. These coffee producers transported their cherries, grown on farms up to 1840 meters above sea level, and delivered them to the Kuvumu Washing Station. Once the cherries were delivered to the washing station, they were sorted to ensure only ripe red cherries.